Heard on Campus: Physicist, futurist and author Michio Kaku

“Intellectual capital is the next phase of capitalism. Today, commodity capital is the dominant source of wealth. If you have coal, you’re rich. Diamonds, gold, food -- you’re rich. However, today you had breakfast that the king of England could not have had 100 years ago -- delicacies from around the world, dirt cheap, because commodities dropped in price. Better shipping, better containerization, mass production, competition drives down the cost of commodities. Tony Blair of England likes to say that England derives more revenue from rock 'n' roll than it does from the coal mining industry. Think of it. Think of a British worker, think of a coal miner and yet intellectual capitalism -- that is, writing a book, writing a song, making a movie, creating a scientific experiment, leadership, talent, creativity -- that’s the currency of the future."

-- Michio Kaku, physicist, futurist and best-selling author, speaking on "Future Science: Physics and Daily Life in the Year 2100" as the Schreyer Honors College's Fall Signature Lecturer. Kaku spoke on Thursday, Oct. 13, before a capacity crowd in 100 Thomas Building on Penn State's University Park campus.

Last Updated January 09, 2015