Theme dinners at Cafe Laura to begin Feb. 28

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Reservations will soon be accepted for the spring semester HRIM 430 Theme Dinners at Cafe Laura. Dinners will be held from Feb. 28 to April 26, Tuesday through Thursday. Reservations can be made every half hour between 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. From sweet and savory to hot and spicy, there's sure to be something to spark diners' taste buds. Themes and menus will be available at in February.

To keep up with the trend in fine dining, patrons may bring wine or beer to be consumed with their dinner with the following limits: two 12-ounce beers per person or one 750-milliliter bottle of wine for two people. Alcohol is not be available for sale at Cafe Laura.

The dinners presented in HRIM 430 are designed to provide a hands-on learning experience for students preparing to be hospitality managers. Under the guidance of instructors, students are responsible for the planning, marketing, preparation, service and evaluation of the patrons’ dining experience. The course provides students with an opportunity to test their management skills and form their unique managerial style.

The menus, designed by students, are unique to the particular theme; food is purchased and used for that dinner exclusively. One criteria for evaluating students is financial responsibility and the number of guests who attend, so it is vital that the forecast for the number of guests is as accurate as possible. Therefore, if a guest cannot honor the reservation, they should cancel it by calling 814-865-1853. This allows students the opportunity to accept another reservation.

Payment methods include MasterCard, Visa, cash, personal checks, meal points and Lion Cash. All tips collected during the meal will be donated back into the School of Hospitality Management and put forth to new uniforms, renovations to Cafe Laura, scholarships, and more. Coming to support this cause will ensure the current and future students’ success within the industry. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the General Manager, Scott King, at

Last Updated February 21, 2012