Protocol in place to eradicate bed bugs if they appear on campuses

Penn State has developed a protocol to very carefully monitor and address any potential presence of bed bugs on its campuses. Last year bed bugs turned up about a dozen times at the University, primarily in student housing; all were eradicated. In the rare case where bed bugs are inadvertently taken to the office or other work area, their detection will require the awareness and assistance of all employees. Someone who suspects bed bugs may be in their work area should contact the Work Reception Center at 814-865-4731 at University Park, or the campus business office at all Commonwealth Campuses.

Incidents of bed bug infestations are on the rise nationwide, in areas as diverse as hotels, residences, stores and movie theaters. They are opportunistic hitchhikers that can move from place to place in luggage, backpacks and other such items. They tend to hide in dark, tight spaces during the day, emerging at night. Though their bites can be bothersome, bed bugs are not known to transmit disease.

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Last Updated February 09, 2012