Engineering science graduate research symposium winners announced

Penn State's Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics (ESM) announced the winners of its ESM Today Graduate Research Symposium, held on Feb. 11.

First place for presentations went to three students: Xiaoyun Ding for “On-Chip Single C.elegans Manipulation and Cells Separation and Sorting Using Tunable Surface Acoustic Wave,” Ahmad Nawaz for “Submicron Sized Three Dimensional Hydronamic Focusing” and Daniel Ahmed for “Sound Driven Soft Microswimmers.”

Second place for presentations went to Michael Ian Lapsley for "Charging of Nanodisks to Induce Shifts in Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance using Low Temperature Argon Plasma," Abdalla Nassar for “Investigations of Laser-Sustained Plasma and its Role in Laser Nitriding of Titanium" and Amber Black for "Nitride Formation via Laser-Sustained Plasma Interaction without Direct irradiation of the Substrate."

Third place for presentations went to Priyanka Dash for "Space Charge Formation and High Field Properties of Low Alkali Glasses," Brian Reinhardt for "Sensors for In-Pile Ultrasonic Measurements of Fuel Material Evolution" and Muhammand Faryad for "Enhanced Absorption of Light Due to Multiple Surface-Plasmon-Polariton Waves."

First place in posters went to Mengqian Lu for "Single-Step Holographic Patterning of Large-Area Periodically Corrugated Silver Films." Second place went to Asheesh Lanba for "Full-Field Strain Recovery in NiTi." Third place was awarded to Yao Jin for "Effects of Oxygen Inlet Position and Substrate Bias on Pulsed DC Magnetron Sputtered Vanadium Oxide Thin Films" and Hiteshi Basantani for "Improved Nancomposite VOx Thin Films for Microbolometer Application."

The Edward Ventsel Mechanics Award went to Baiyang Ren for "Adhesive Bond Inspection for Composites with Ultrasonic Guided Waves."

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Last Updated February 21, 2012