Letter signed by 17 student leaders seeks State Patty's Day restraint

The following letter, drafted by the Student Alcohol Advisory Committee -- and signed by 17 student organization presidents and student leaders representing undergraduate student government and prominent social, cultural and service organizations -- was delivered Thursday, Feb. 9, to several downtown State College retail stores and bottle shops. The letter requests their cooperation in not supporting or participating in "State Patty's Day," an event contrived for the purpose of excessive alcohol consumption.

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Dear Community Partner,

There is a long tradition of cooperation between Penn State students and the surrounding State College community. Including partnering through the numerous other positive philanthropic efforts, there are relationships that go beyond the simple transactions between customers and businesses. As Penn State students, we feel this is an important aspect of what makes the Penn State experience special.

As Penn State students and residents of State College, we are committed to making sure that our community continues to be a positive place to live, work, and go to school. One event that has taken a great toll on our community in recent years is State Patty’s Day. This event puts a strain on valuable resources like law enforcement and emergency responders, and can be a burden to students and our neighbors alike. Perhaps worst of all, it attracts national media attention and depicts the student body and our community in a negative light. Given the recent months’ events, this last point is perhaps more important this year than ever before.

This event was created by students, but now attracts an ever-increasing number of people from surrounding areas that have no care or concern for our community. A growing number of us are committed to working with other students, University faculty and administrators, local businesses, and civic leaders to change this tradition that has become more negative than positive.

Students are organizing an unprecedented number of service opportunities and other positive alternative activities, the IFC has decided to not hold any social functions on that day, and a growing number of students are signing a pledge not to participate in State Patty’s Day.

However, the help of our community partners is critical. Last year numerous bars and taverns did not open or operated at limited capacity, and a number of vendors opted not to sell any State Patty’s Day merchandise or advertise the event in any way.

In the spirit of cooperation, we are reaching out to ask businesses to continue or adopt these measures. We represent a sizable and growing segment of the student body, and would appreciate any effort you would be willing to make. We are the students who want to bring pride back to our university and surrounding community. We hope you will support our cause.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and cooperation!



TJ Bard- University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA) President

Julianne Robbins- Penn State Panhellenic Council President

Vincenzo Lizza – Penn State Interfraternity Council (IFC) President

Rondell Jordan- National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) President

Peter Khoury- Council of Commonwealth Student Governments (CCSG) President

Rene Garcia- Blue and White Society President

Katelyn Mullen- Association of Residence Hall Students (ARHS) President

Ryan Brown- Penn State Black Caucus President

Cathy Rogers- Adult Learners at Penn State (ALPS) President

Genesis Tineo - Dominican Student Association President

Arlene Rivera- Off Campus Student Union (OCSU) President

Celiena Bady- NAACP Penn State President

Cory Trimm - Student Facilitator of the Council of LionHearts

Logan Cawley- Penn State Lion Ambassador, Penn State Alumni Association

Erik Garfinkel- University Ambulance Service, Operations Officer

Mike El-Saleh

Tyler Changaris- (Senior, Public Relations) Creator of the State Patty’s Day Pledge, signed by over 300 students

Last Updated February 19, 2013