Heard on Campus: Aron Ralston

"You are going to need to be able to face adversity. You'll experience challenges in life, times when it feels like boulders are going to crush you, but if you can be grateful for it, you might be able to turn it into the best thing in your life. Decide whether your trauma will be a tragedy or a triumph."


-- Aron Ralston, author, climber and outdoorsman who inspired the film "127 Hours," on how the worst thing that happened to him -- spending five days with his right hand pinned between a boulder and canyon wall before having to amputate it -- was also one of the best things to happen to him too. Ralston spoke Thursday (April 5) in Eisenhower Auditorium at Penn State's University Park campus and was the final lecturer for the 2011-12 Distinguished Speaker Series held by the Student Programming Association. 

Last Updated April 19, 2017