Heard on Campus: Richard T. Clark at the Forum

"So not only doing what's right is obviously the most important thing, but if you do it the right way and you're proactive, and you really respond to social needs throughout the world, you have a better business model as you move forward as well. Your reputation allows you, your ethics and integrity allow you to build a better business model. So not only are you satisfying patients' needs, you're satisfying employees' needs and you're also satisfying your shareholders' needs as you move forward."

-- Richard T. Clark, retired chairman and CEO of Merck, who spoke today (April 10) on the topic of "Leading Responsibly in Health Care" at the Penn State Forum Speaker Series, held at The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel. Clark served as chairman from April 2007 until December 2011 and was CEO of Merck from May 2005 through December 2010. He also was Merck's president from 2005 until May 2010. Clark's speech concluded the 2011-2012 season of the Penn State Forum, which will resume in fall 2012.

Last Updated April 10, 2012