PSUTXT test planned at Penn State Hershey

Penn State Hershey Medical Center plans to test the PSUTXT text-messaging system on Friday, Sept. 21, to help ensure its functionality in a true emergency. This test will be sent only to those who have valid PSUTXT accounts and have elected to receive “Hershey Alerts.”

At some point during the evening of Sept. 21, those with valid subscriptions will receive a message that clearly indicates it is part of a test and that there is no emergency. A failure to receive this test will help people realize if their account is not active.

Validating the cellphone number at the time of opt-in verifies that a user has an active text messaging service on their account; ensures that only the person who owns the mobile phone is signing up for the service; and ensures that the user correctly keyed in their phone number.

Those who receive the test message on Sept. 21 do not need to take any action. Anyone who initiated a subscription to “Hershey Alerts” via PSUTXT but does not receive the test message should log into the PSUTXT system by going to online.

Once logged in, they should update their cellphone information then click on "Services" to have a new validation code sent. Once subscribers receive the validation code, they need to enter it on the registration page on the website to complete the process and validate their accounts.

Anyone who has not yet subscribed to PSUTXT should visit the URL listed above and complete the subscription process.

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Last Updated September 20, 2012