Loop, Link and Campus Shuttle bus adjustments for Homecoming 2012

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- The following route adjustments will be in effect for public transit during the Penn State Homecoming Parade, from 5:30 to 9 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 5. Passengers should expect delays because of increased traffic. Visit http://www.catabus.com to view all changes to town and campus bus service.

BLUE LOOP: There will be no Blue Loop service during the parade. All buses that usually provide Blue Loop service at this time will be redirected to operate as additional White Loop or Red Link service.

WHITE LOOP: From Beaver Avenue at Schlow Library, the White Loop will follow normal routing to University Drive. From there, the White Loop travel on University Drive to Park Avenue, turn left on Park Avenue, left on Shortlidge Road and right on Curtin Road. The bus will travel on Curtin Road to Curtin Road Extension, turn right on Curtin Road Extension, left on Atherton Street, and left on Beaver Avenue. There will be no service to the bus stops on Curtin Road between University Drive and Shortlidge Road or Burrowes Road.

RED LINK: From west campus, the bus will follow normal routing to the Pavilion Theater at the corner of Curtin and Shortlidge roads. The Red Link will turn left and follow Shortlidge Road to Park Avenue. The bus will turn right on Park Avenue and will travel to Innovation Park (temporary Stops will be placed along Park Avenue to accommodate passengers who need to access parking lots Stadium West, Lot 44, and the Centre County Visitor's Center). From Innovation Park, the bus will follow normal routing to Park Avenue. The bus will turn left from Park Avenue onto Shorlidge Road, then right onto Curtin Road. From there, the bus will continue normal routing to west campus. There will be no service to the bus stops on Curtin Road between Shortlidge Road and Porter Road, and no service to the stops on Porter Road near Medlar Field, or near the Centre County Visitor's Center.

GREEN LINK: From 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., the Green Link will follow the Red Link detour routing.

CAMPUS SHUTTLE: Service will stop at 5 p.m.


Last Updated October 02, 2012