Heard on Campus: Lisa Baird at the Forum

"The international community at the end of the decade had no trust in us [the United States Olympic Committee], no desire to work with us, and when you humiliate the president of the United States on the global stage, clearly restoring relations was at the top of our list and our new CEO's list. And more important than that, than all of this, even though these are incredible things that needed to be done, all at once, we had to reaffirm our strong brand because that is what we are about -- we are a brand, and we are a power brand. And from the health and the strength of the brand, and our reputation, comes the building blocks for the future.

"So it seemed like an overwhelming list of objectives, maybe familiar to some of you in the room. It seems overwhelming. But we dug in; we moved on. We accepted our issues and we began, under the leadership of our chairman, Larry Brobst, the process of rebuilding. And it started with this -- revisiting our mission."

-- Lisa Baird, chief marketing officer of the United States Olympic Committee, who spoke at the Penn State Forum Speakers Series on "Building Brands in a Socially Networked World: The story of Team USA at the 2012 London Olympic Games" Oct. 10 at the The Nittany Lion Inn. The USOC's Chief Marketing Officer since January 2009, she directs the USOC's Sales and Marketing Division and oversees the development of innovative corporate sponsorship, properties, events and consumer products divisions. Baird received her undergraduate degree in English from Penn State and her MBA in 1984, both from Penn State. She serves on the Penn State Center for Sports Business and Research Advisory Board and was awarded Outstanding Scholar of 2010 by the Schreyer Honors College. She was also awarded the prestigious 2010 Vernon Schranz Lecture Series Award at Ball State University, and in 2011 was awarded the prestigious WISE Woman of the Year Award.

Last Updated October 11, 2012