Libraries offer blind date

To celebrate Valentine's Day, throughout the month of February Penn State University Libraries are offering students and others a "Blind Date with a Book." Selected from the Leisure Reading Collection, the books with titles and authors hidden under a brown wrapping paper, will be displayed in the Franklin Atrium, Pattee Library, first floor. Readers are urged to take a chance and sign out a new adventure.

Anne Behler, information literacy librarian, in Library Learning Services, said, “This is an initiative that has been offered at a number of other libraries, and I thought it was the perfect way to add some intrigue to the Leisure Reading Collection at University Park during the Valentine’s season.” 

She continued, “I look forward to hearing students’ reactions to the books that they decide to "date." We will be working through the Libraries social media outlets, @psulibs on Twitter or the Penn State University Libraries @ University Park on Facebook to both promote the display, and give people the opportunity to respond with their reactions to the books they read.

For more information, accessibility accommodations or questions about the physical access provided, contact Anne Behler at 814-863-3832.



Last Updated February 05, 2013