Other Voices

Other Voices

  • 2/2/17

    Penn State professors Peter M. Hopsicker and Mark Dyreson write about how The Super Bowl became one of the biggest “shared experiences” in American culture.

  • 1/25/17

    In this op-ed Penn State's Boaz Dvir examines what would be the deal of President Trump's life: brokering an Israeli-Palestinian agreement.

  • 1/11/17

    Penn State's Cynthia Young says that President Barack Obama's farewell address fell short of a full-throated defense of Democratic Party policies.

  • 12/11/16

    Penn State's Sophia McClennen writes that satirical fake news used to save us from the stupidity of mainstream news. Now fake news isn’t funny; it’s scary.

  • 12/9/16

    Penn State's S. Shyam Sundar writes that because we tend to trust our friends, our cognitive filters weaken, making a social media feed fertile ground for fake news.

  • 11/24/16

    Penn State's Nichola Gutgold writes that Hillary Clinton's historic nomination inches the U.S. closer to electing the first woman president.

  • 11/16/16

    Penn State's Joshua Inwood explains how remembering Martin Luther King's vision can help us build a more inclusive and just community that draws strength from diversity.

  • 11/14/16

    Penn State's Robert Speel writes with two of the past five presidential election winners losing the popular vote, it's hard to justify the Electoral College.

  • 11/12/16

    Penn State astronomer, Christopher Palma, has mixed feelings about what’s being billed as the upcoming “super-supermoon.”

  • 11/1/16

    Jennifer Hook, professor of sociology and demography, talks about research methods used to estimate the number of undocumented immigrants in the United States.