Around Campus

  • Materials Characterization Lab

    Julie Anderson, center, an electron microscopy specialist at Penn State’s Materials Characterization Lab, and Maggie Davis, a senior at Penn State majoring in art history, work on an elemental analysis of paint flakes provided by Davis from an 18th century painting from The Palmer Museum study collection. By identifying the specific materials in the paint flakes, they can determine where, worldwide, the painting was created.

  • We Are photo op

    Blue White weekend at Penn State provided a variety of events, sports, and more for visitors to the University Park Campus, including family and friends gathering for photo opportunities at the 'We Are' statue located near the Intramural Building on Curtin Road.

  • Breazeale Reactor

    Penn State’s Radiation Science and Engineering Center includes the Breazeale Reactor. The core is located in a 24-foot deep pool and is the longest continuously operating university research reactor in the nation. The facilities resources support education and research at Penn State, and are also available to other educational institutions, corporations and government agencies.

  • People march with LGBTQA banner down Pollock Road

    The Penn State LGBTQA Student Resource Center hosted a march and rally on April 10 on the University Park campus. The march, which was part of Pride Month, went from Boucke Building to the steps of Old Main.

  • Dairy Barns

    A Holstein cow at the Penn State Dairy Barns posed for a photo on the morning of April 12. The Penn State Dairy Barns are a learning and research facility that focuses on dairy management, genetics, animal nutrition and physiology. The facility can trace it's roots back to the origins of Penn State and the Pennsylvania Farmers High School.

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